Stuhler Heise Upper Limb

External Fixation

Product details

The use of the external fixator is the accepted method today for serious injuries to soft tissues, infected fractures, pseudarthroses, tibial valgus or varus osteotomies, and arthrodeses. On the basis of these surgical indications, the general requirements for the construction of an external fixator are the following:
1) use of simple, precisely designed elements;
2) limitation of the specific elements to a minimum of functional and easily obtainable parts;
3) standardized application for every surgical.situation;
4) easy accessibility for primary or secondary correction;
5) mechanical durability;
6) a balanced ratio of weight to stability.


  • Titanium


  • Fixing element with two 4 mm holes and central tapped hole.
  • Fixing element with two 2.5 mm holes and central tapped hole.
  • Spacer disc 0.5 mm.
  • Fixing element with two holes 4 mm each and central untapped hole
  • Bolt M4 with hexagonal recess.

Use with 3.0mm Tappered Half Pin